Tuesday, 20 February 2007

News: Stop the war People's Assembly March 20th.

Four years ago, Parliament voted to take us to war, despite the biggest protest movement ever seen in this country, when two million marched. Since then, there has been virtually no debate in parliament, and no opportunity to vote against the war and occupation. On the 20th of March 2007, the fourth anniversary of the Iraq invasion, Stop the War coalition will be hosting a People’s Assembly on the debate that parliament won't have. MPs, US politicians, experts, campaigners and other witnesses will discuss the Iraq war and its consequences. The assembly will be open to all and we welcome and encourage trade union, faith, community and political bodies to send delegates to take part in this event.

Visit the Stop the War website for more details:

Whether pulling troops out of Iraq will improve the lives of Iraq's children is debatable, has a generation of children been scarred for life by the horrific sights they've had to witness? Will they ever be able to regain their innocence?


sean said...

A no-brainer. Children are badly suffering in Iraq, but also in the surrounding countries. Over 2m refugees have fled the country, most live in squalid camps just over the border. The USA has taken a mere 4000 of them in.

Denise said...

Good for people to know.