Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Iraqi children soldier on to achieve an education.

Iraq's children could live in a constant state of fear never knowing when their or their families lives will be ended abruptly and unfairly. Instead they battle on to achieve an education throughout personal tragedies and disruptions such as terrorist raids and bombings at their schools. Putting lazy complacent students in England to shame when we can't be bothered to do our homework because, for example, something more important is on T.V.

Iraq's children posses an outstanding amount of optimism for their futures despite living in such a worn torn dangerous country. Over the next few weeks I will explore in depth the aid that is being given to Iraq's students, such as the work by UNICEF and their Accelerated Learning Programme, for those that cannot attend regular school classes because of work or family commitments. I will also provide case studies of Iraqi children soldiering on to achieve an education despite personal tragedies and losses.

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Mandy B said...

I think it's really good of you to make the effort to look into how the war is affecting the children of Iraq because they are so often forgotten. The children should be able to sustain a life, its not fair their lives are destroyed when these countries can't get along.