Friday, 30 March 2007

News: US occupation sets off sectarian atrocities in Tal Afar. Same story, different facts.

The World Socialist Website have blamed the American occupation in Iraq for Wednesdays killings in the town of Tel Afar.

Iraq: US occupation sets off sectarian atrocities in Tal Afar

They wrote: "As many as 80 people, mainly women and children, were killed by the two blasts. At least another 185 were wounded."

The Times Online reported the same story stating: "The rampage, which one local politician said was carried out by Shia militiamen aided by police officers, came in retaliation for a double lorry bombing in the town centre, which killed as many as 75 people — most of them Shias — and wounded 180 more."

The Times makes no mention of the death of children and reports less people were killed than the World Socialist Website.

Why is there this irregularity, is one source trying to over dramatise the event or is the other trying to play it down?

Either way it is likely that many Iraqi children were killed again on Wednesday as a result of sectarian violence.

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