Thursday, 29 March 2007

Lack of aid for Iraq's children

Since Save The Children withdrew there help from Iraq last year no other major organisation has stepped in to their shoes, leaving Iraq's children without the same aid that other countries are receiving. The level of violence in Iraq is so high that even aid workers are targeted by terrorists.

Save The Children in a press release last year announced: "The decision is linked to the deteriorating security situation in large areas of the country – which makes it increasingly difficult for our work to achieve significant impact for children.

The insecurity affects our ability to monitor our work effectively and maintain organisational standards: it also means that we are unable to extend our development programme from the North of the country, to the Centre and South as we had planned.

Save the Children UK has made the decision to withdraw from Iraq after much deliberation and with great regret.

It is anticipated that we will close our offices by March 2007 at the latest."

March is now here and the children are still needlessly dying. Is it not about time something was done to help?

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